Food and shopping around Kawasaki-station

1.There is a big shopping mall called “Lazona Kawasaki Plaza” near from JR Kawasaki Station.

2. Inside the mall, there is a super-market called “Sanwa”

3.Please check the web site of Lazona. They have there top page in English, Chinese and Korean.

Restaurants you might want to try

1. Kinniku-Shokudo serves high-protein, low calorie foods.
*They only have Japanese site, but you can check their page and look at the menu photos.
*Their restaurants are at four locations, and the nearest one is at Marunouchi Bulding (5 min walk from Tokyo Station). However, Kinniku-Shokudo at Marunouchi Building only serves take-out menu. This is not the restaurant you can eat-in so please be careful. Here is the web site you want to check before you go.
*Kinniku-Shokudo at other locations are the restaurants.

2. DNS Power Cafe serves high protein, low fat food.
*Their restaurants are in two locations and the nearest one from Kawasaki station will be the one in Otemachi. From Kawasaki station, go to Tokyo station by train. The place is less than 15 minutes walk from the Tokyo station.

Food at convenience store

You will find a lot of convenience stores in Japan. They have salads, rice ball, and rolled sushi. There aren’t many salt-free foods, but you can get them easily at convenience stores.

Other notes

If you go to a super-market, there are several ready-to-eat food you can choose. Here are some you might want to try;
*Canned food: Boil plain Tuna, Boil plain Chicken Breast,
*Vacume-packed, sealed pouch food: roasted chicken, boil plain quail eggs, mixed beans